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Sprite Builder Preview Update

March 29, 2012

I was going to go to bed, but I still had the project open so I made some Quick Changes:

What I did:

– Added a direction circle, divided by the ranges. The purple slice is the currently seleced range.
– Zoomed the sprite sheet and simulated the selection box for the frame.
– Added buttons for the States and Frames lists.
– Added file menu.

What I forgot:

– Need buttons for loading/reloading of the sprite sheet.

In short, nothing to see here, please keep moving.


More and more Prototype progress

February 26, 2012


  • Randomly placed natural stone and ore blocks
  • Letters and graphics in object circles to help identify them
  • Item list for every entity

Next is item collectables. I wanna mine those ores!

More Prototype Progress

February 26, 2012

I’ve been working pretty much nonstop since that last post, with various successes and failures. Let’s start off with a screen, shall we?

A Healer heals a Warrior, while a Wanderer waits for an upgrade.

Noteable changes and additions:

  • Basic Item system
  • Basic Gambit system
  • New npc class: Healer
  • New item: Heal spell
  • New item: Pickaxe (used to remove blocks)


When NPCs enter the world, they start as wanderers. They follow you to the town. Once near enough to the town crystal, you can assign them a useful class – Warrior or Healer. The Warrior gets a melee weapon and extra HP, while the Healer gets a heal spell. The gambits on the NPCs define how they act.

You can use the upgrade items on any NPC, and have any number of either class.


Each NPC class has a default gambit setup that makes the class useful. The Warrior will “attack” “foe: nearest”, and if there are no foes in its range of sight, it “wander”s. The Healer will “heal” “ally: lowest hp” first, and if the target or action fail for some reason, it will “heal” “ally: hp < 100%”. If there’s nothing to heal, it wanders.

I tried to make each gambit target and action “smart”: There are certain conditions where it doesn’t make sense for a gambit to fire. For example, if some gambit’s action is “heal”, and its target is found to have all of its HP already, then the gambit fails and the game moves to the next gambit. It’s pointless to heal something that’s already full, right?

Both monsters and NPCs have gambit sets. This makes it easier to build new creatures, and check to see what might be failing in AI code. When I have a decent number of gambits to use, I’ll set it up so you can change the gambits around on NPCs in-game.


So far only the player has an inventory, but it’s pretty straightforward for me to add inventories to the NPCs and monsters. I’ll be doing this in the very near future. I’ll also be adding an inventory trading mechanism so it’ll be easy to give NPCs items and let you choose what they have equipped. I’ll probably set it up so they automatically equip any stronger items you give them.

While I’ve made all the above progress, I was kind of stupid yesterday. I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to set up scripting. There isn’t enough here to bother with that! I don’t know what I was thinking, I had it on my mind and then I tried my hand at it. I was even ready to try building a roguelike that would do everything out of scripts! Then I came to my senses. I may still go to a scripting language eventually, but I want to develop my game as quickly as I can.

I have so many things I want to do, I don’t even know what to do next. I’m doing my best to stay focused on Keeping It Simple and driving my efforts to get One Of Everything in. The next goal right now should be to assign NPCs to/from the player’s party. After a bit of a break, I’ll try to start on that.

One of the guys that’s building Dwarf Fortress said that it’s not easy to balance the time put in to design and implementation. I’m starting to understand what he meant.

Ano Sekai Prototype

February 24, 2012

I decided to get back to the basics.

I realised that I’m focusing on unimportant things right now – I don’t even know if I have a game worth building or not! So, I started a new project, a prototype, that will have all of the features I intended to put into the game. It will have the ‘feel’ that I want the end game to have.

Let me explain what things represent:

Blue ● – Player
Blue ○ – Targetting Cursor
Yellow ● – Weapon

Red ● – Monster
Green ● – NPC

White ● – Town Crystal
Grey ● – Stone Wall
Brown ○ – Open Door (Brown ● is Closed)

So far I have all the functionality of where I was before, but I now have working doors, a useable weapon, and upgradeable NPCs. That was all done from scratch last night.

I’m doing something (I think is) called Rapid Prototyping. This means you ignore anything that isn’t important to the core of the game and build as simply as possible. I’m representing everything with circles for as long as I can do so, so I don’t have to think about the graphics. I also went to 2D because there are less things to think about.

Before I threw this post together, I was designing the item system and the gambit system. I expect I’ll have results soon.