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Project Break

April 22, 2012

Lately I’ve been on a break from the game. I’ve come to realise I don’t really have a very clear vision of what I want, and I’m taking my time re-evaluating the project.

At first, I thought I was sure of what I wanted, but I’m not at all sure now. As I was writing that prototype I was unfocused, trying to get in features I thought I wanted but not focusing on any particular thing. When I write the next prototypes, they will only be used to do One Thing. I tried to put in Everything I Could and wound up losing sight of what I was trying to do.

I’m still motivated to work on this, but I need to spend more time figuring out what I’m trying to accomplish. I suspect writing small prototypes for Single Features will be an important part of the answer.


Comparisons with other Games

March 6, 2012

As I work on the latest code, I’m listening to Warcraft II music and idly thinking about games Ano Sekai has been compared with so far, I’m realising there’s enough in common with Warcraft III that it’s worth a mention. Some random thoughts:


This is the one I get the most. Sure, there’s a block world. Yep, there’s building. I’ve got an inventory screen and crafting in as well. Wouldn’t you beleive it, there’s a day/night cycle too. So far you really can’t tell it from Minecraft. It may be that it will still look like Minecraft in the end as well!

All I can say to this is that while there may be some digging, it isn’t the focus of most of the game. Survival mode was what got me excited about Minecraft, and it was very severely lacking there. My focus is to make Minecraft what I wanted it to be, and then a little more.

Dwarf Fortress

Since much of the focus of the game is on the NPCs, I can see how one would make the connection to DF. You will certainly be giving orders to your NPCs to build and harvest. I’m not going to be going quite as in depth as DF has, though. Maybe a better comparison would be Dungeon Keeper?

Tower Defense

This one is stretching it for me. Yes, you’ll be putting time into protecting an area from roaming monsters. In my game the towers move, though. I think I’ve played at most 2 tower defense games, so I’m not really qualified to say much more about it than this.

Warcraft III

I picked III specifically because of the heroes. I think that you could come pretty close to what I’m doing if you said I was making a MC/WC3 crossover. In WC you set up a thriving base and head out with a Hero to discover and conquer the rest of the map.

Once the town is thriving, you’re going to form a raiding party and head out with them to take down marks. I’d like to set up enemy camps and fortresses for you to raid. Heck, if you were good enough, perhaps raiding an enemy camp at the start of the game could provide a great starting area!

That’s enough of a distraction for now. Back to work!


March 5, 2012

I’ve been sick since the weekend, and it’s only getting worse.. Want to get back to the code asap, but I guess I have to get better first. Until next time..

Gamedev Video Diary 9

March 4, 2012

Since I see some of you are interested in seeing the game in action, I threw together a video right quick. As always, sorry about the rambling and whatever other suckiness is in there. Hell, sorry about the horribad game I’m showing off.

This is about all I can pull off in 2 weeks’ worth of time. I have many of the “One Of Everything”s in already. I want One Of All Of These in as well:

  • multiple chunks
  • making some materials harder to find
  • minimap with important things on it
  • proper inventory with icons rather than words
  • block damage
  • recovery bar from actions
  • weapons and armor with different atk/def scores
  • equipping said weapons and armor
  • party forming
  • placing blocks in a grid
  • blacksmith class
  • royalty class
  • bosses

Art by Cellusious

March 1, 2012

Cellusious (Cell) over on #ludumdare on made this spanky mockup inspired by my name, this morning:

I like it. Check out his site in the links bar over there ->

Easier-to-read text

February 29, 2012

I got some help from freenode’s ##XNA on a thing I should probably have already been able to do without asking:

It’s a hackish way to do it but I’ve acheived the goal I wanted to acheive. Pressing the T key will toggle whether the text is behind or in front, as before, but now whatever’s behind is greyed out a bit. I’ll probably do something as retardedly simple as this for the 3D version when I get back to it, too.

(edit: one more shot for the road. shows off the item swapping with the menu that takes up most of the screen:

yeah, that was a good idea.)

Checking font size

February 28, 2012

I noticed that the text output is a little hard to read in the pics in the posts up until now. Sure, you can click on the pics to see them at actual size, but that’s inconvenient, isn’t it?

I increased the font size from 10 to 14 and took a screenshot:

How’s that for ya? I also added an in-game toggle to put the text behind the objects, in the case that the screenshot should be focused on those instead.

Current Progress

February 12, 2012

I have put some time into the code for this game already, but so far it isn’t much. The last thing I was working on was lighting and time of day. Here are some related screenshots:

Before I added any proper lighting, I wanted to get a cloud layer in. Obviously the clouds shouldn’t be lit like that.

Here I combined two screenshots to show the difference in lighting between day and night.

I also have some video blogs about this project. I rewatch them to help myself get excited about working on the game again without having to pick up the gamepad. Feel free to check them out on my youtube channel.

I was so into doing graphics that I wound up forgetting the game itself and wound up getting lost. I took a break and spent some time doing other things. Now that I’m refocused, I should be able to start getting back into the project again. I’ll leave this post off with an older dev shot, but it’ll show a bit more.


February 12, 2012

This is the Official blog for SteelGolem’s Ano Sekai. It will contain thoughts, progress, designs, and whatever else I want to post about the game. If you like anything you read here, absolutely feel free to use it for your own projects. If someone builds a game like this, it can only be an improvement over my own designs and I want to see people playing with them!

While I realise that I already have two blogs already, my blog and my other WordPress blog, I wanted to have a place dedicated to the game. If you don’t know me yet, you’ll find that I post sporadically – this is a project I’m doing for fun, and when I’m not having fun with it, I don’t do it. When I get into coding, I always wind up burning myself out from overwork. I like getting excited about things, but it tends to wind up being bad for long-term productivity.

I was keeping a document detailing my progress and thoughts on my computer here, but it turns out that it’s not very easy to find stuff I wrote that is related to whatever I’m interested in doing. There’s no tagging, and I don’t have a good way to look anything up other than to guess at keywords and ctrl-f them. I’m hoping that doing it in a blog will be helpful.