Nothing new to show

I’ve been plugging at back-end code a bit, every other day,  for the last little while. I haven’t managed to get rid of this cold/flu virus so it makes it hard to do anything for a decent amount of time.

Right now I’ve taken another step back and I’m rebuilding my rebuild. I could post screens of Yet Another Tilemap And Sprite Demo but you don’t really want to see that. I was pretty much hacking everything together as quickly as possible before, with no regard to future use of the code. I quickly coded myself into a corner and then I horribly broke my code when I tried to expand on it.

Now I’m building the game as 2 projects: A game Framework that supports all of the things I need for it to, and The Game Itself which uses the Framework and helps me to build it. The framework automates common tasks like entity-blockmap collisions, and only requires you to extend them by supplying them with custom data and AI/gamepad processing.

Like many things, the Road To Better Coding is filled with many obstacles, and making mistakes is really the only way I know how to code better. I’m also a stubborn mule, refusing to encumber myself with complicated patterns and practices I think I have no use for. I’ll get there. Just you wait.



4 Responses to “Nothing new to show”

  1. owen Says:

    this sounds like feature creep. You dont want to be coding a framework for a game that you havent finished because it needs a framework for you to finish it. OOP is not productive when you start spending all your time “wiring up” stupid properties that you only use in a few cases. I’ve seen too many projects go unfinished because the devs waste time trying to build a complicated API trying to code better but failing to finish anything. make it work, finish it then evolve an API.

  2. Sean Says:

    I agree with Owen. However I’d still make generic methods for somethings that you need to do a lot with. (For example terrain generation in my game.) Of course I’m new to C# as you know, but just my two cents heh

  3. SteelGolem Says:

    Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too, Sean. Owen I agree, but if you take your time and make sure not to make EVERYTHING object-oriented, it serves as a wonderful tool. Beginners often get caught up in using new concepts as much as possible, but I think I’m past all that.

  4. owen Says:

    i present to you exhibit A;

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