Comparisons with other Games

As I work on the latest code, I’m listening to Warcraft II music and idly thinking about games Ano Sekai has been compared with so far, I’m realising there’s enough in common with Warcraft III that it’s worth a mention. Some random thoughts:


This is the one I get the most. Sure, there’s a block world. Yep, there’s building. I’ve got an inventory screen and crafting in as well. Wouldn’t you beleive it, there’s a day/night cycle too. So far you really can’t tell it from Minecraft. It may be that it will still look like Minecraft in the end as well!

All I can say to this is that while there may be some digging, it isn’t the focus of most of the game. Survival mode was what got me excited about Minecraft, and it was very severely lacking there. My focus is to make Minecraft what I wanted it to be, and then a little more.

Dwarf Fortress

Since much of the focus of the game is on the NPCs, I can see how one would make the connection to DF. You will certainly be giving orders to your NPCs to build and harvest. I’m not going to be going quite as in depth as DF has, though. Maybe a better comparison would be Dungeon Keeper?

Tower Defense

This one is stretching it for me. Yes, you’ll be putting time into protecting an area from roaming monsters. In my game the towers move, though. I think I’ve played at most 2 tower defense games, so I’m not really qualified to say much more about it than this.

Warcraft III

I picked III specifically because of the heroes. I think that you could come pretty close to what I’m doing if you said I was making a MC/WC3 crossover. In WC you set up a thriving base and head out with a Hero to discover and conquer the rest of the map.

Once the town is thriving, you’re going to form a raiding party and head out with them to take down marks. I’d like to set up enemy camps and fortresses for you to raid. Heck, if you were good enough, perhaps raiding an enemy camp at the start of the game could provide a great starting area!

That’s enough of a distraction for now. Back to work!


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