Gamedev Video Diary 9

Since I see some of you are interested in seeing the game in action, I threw together a video right quick. As always, sorry about the rambling and whatever other suckiness is in there. Hell, sorry about the horribad game I’m showing off.

This is about all I can pull off in 2 weeks’ worth of time. I have many of the “One Of Everything”s in already. I want One Of All Of These in as well:

  • multiple chunks
  • making some materials harder to find
  • minimap with important things on it
  • proper inventory with icons rather than words
  • block damage
  • recovery bar from actions
  • weapons and armor with different atk/def scores
  • equipping said weapons and armor
  • party forming
  • placing blocks in a grid
  • blacksmith class
  • royalty class
  • bosses


2 Responses to “Gamedev Video Diary 9”

  1. playdeezgames Says:

    demo of current version on dropbox?

  2. Ano Sekai == Yak Shaving « PlayDeez Games's Weblog Says:

    […] In particular, I was following his “circles on a field” prototype. […]

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