Inventory Interface Complete

I’m on Candid Camera?!:

Here I’ve dropped a bunch of items from inventory, moved some items into the chest, and split a stack of (99) into three. You can drop items from the other inventory too, in the case that it’s faster to steal that way. You actually need to move the cursor to an {empty} spot and select it in order to get the item into your inventory. It’s a little faster to pop things out and walk into them.

I’ve also added PlayerEntity::OnUse() so that you can move things around in your own inventory outside of the item swapping interface. You can’t move stuff while you’re not in the inventory interface because then you won’t be able to do anything while you’re looking at yourself. It is a little confusing having two cursors in your inventory, though. I might drop the > < one and use only the [ ] and screw it if you can’t do anything while you’re in there.

I lost a bunch of time to code cleanup today, since I’m not looking very far ahead of where I am at any given time. I’m not familiar with regular practices, so I can’t plan for them yet.

I’m probably going to code in 2D inventories soon. Obviously I won’t be using text-based inventories in the actual game, but it’s faster to get things in if I do it this way for now.

I’m done the stuff I wanted to do, so now I can start the item creation interface. I haven’t actually planned this part out yet, so I’ve got some designing to do. It won’t be like Minecraft, I can tell you that much. It might be like Terraria’s, just to get it in, but iunno yet.


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