Moving in the right direction

Two screenshots this post, here’s the first:

Points of note:

  • Gamepad input tips in upper right
  • Certain things can be “used”; in the above screenshot the NPC is shown to be useable
  • Monsters can no longer pick up collectables, they’re shown pushing the ones above
  • Once an inventory is full, no new items can be added, and you will push items around like the monsters do

Second screenshot:

Notes of point:

  • 3 new useable blocks: Workbench, Chest, and Forge
  • Inventory “empty” slots

I want to recode a bunch of the code to make use of a new Item::OnUse() function. I’ll also be adding some Creature::OnUse() and Chest::OnUse() overrides, and then I’ll build the item swapping interface. Then I’ll add the Forge::OnUse() and Player::OnUse() and build the item crafting interface.


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