Collectables now In and Collectable

I’m tired so I’ll try to not go on too much in this post.

The little circles are the collectables. They’re just a small version of the thing that they represent. The copper sword is a yellow circle with a sword symbol in it. The copper sword collectable is a small yellow circle with a sword symbol in it.

I broke some of the rocks with my pickaxe and picked up the collectables they turned into. You can see that I’ve got some different kinds of ores, and some stone. I have an extra heal spell because when the NPCs die, they drop their inventory. I picked up a heal spell by mistake.

You’ll notice that some items are stackable and some are not. The heal spell did not stack with the other when I picked it up, but the ores did. Right now all stackable items have a maximum stack size of 99, but it’s easy to change the max for any new items I might add.

You might not have noticed that the creature I’m viewing, a monster, has picked up a stone and a dead NPC’s sword and spell. Just as the player and NPCs can pick up collectables, so too can monsters. I don’t plan on letting all monsters pick stuff up, but it shows that I can easily make thief foes that grab stuff on the ground and run away with them.

There are various glitches I have to work out before I move on to the next step… but I need sleep now.


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3 Responses to “Collectables now In and Collectable”

  1. playdeezgames Says:

    First, hello again, Mark. I’m glad to see you doing stuff.

    Second, if you don’t have a dropbox account, you should get one. They are free.

    Third, once you have a dropbox account, you should start putting some of your stuff up there in your Public folder so that we can actually try out these things that you make, give you feedback, and hopefully actually motivate you to FINISH SOMETHING.

    • SteelGolem Says:

      Thanks for keeping up with me, Ernest! Your continued patronage is appreciated and will not be forgotten.

      While I don’t have anything against people trying out these things that I make, I’d rather have something /worth/ trying out before I go and do that. I’m content with making gamedev videos until I feel there’s enough of /something/ that it’s worth someone’s time to try it out.

      I may get a dropbox specifically for this game. While I do have a gamedev account and ftp access, they changed things around on me once, and I expect they’re going to screw things up on me again. I won’t be using that for this.

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