Ano Sekai Prototype

I decided to get back to the basics.

I realised that I’m focusing on unimportant things right now – I don’t even know if I have a game worth building or not! So, I started a new project, a prototype, that will have all of the features I intended to put into the game. It will have the ‘feel’ that I want the end game to have.

Let me explain what things represent:

Blue ● – Player
Blue ○ – Targetting Cursor
Yellow ● – Weapon

Red ● – Monster
Green ● – NPC

White ● – Town Crystal
Grey ● – Stone Wall
Brown ○ – Open Door (Brown ● is Closed)

So far I have all the functionality of where I was before, but I now have working doors, a useable weapon, and upgradeable NPCs. That was all done from scratch last night.

I’m doing something (I think is) called Rapid Prototyping. This means you ignore anything that isn’t important to the core of the game and build as simply as possible. I’m representing everything with circles for as long as I can do so, so I don’t have to think about the graphics. I also went to 2D because there are less things to think about.

Before I threw this post together, I was designing the item system and the gambit system. I expect I’ll have results soon.


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