The Battle Begins!

So now the slime monsters will damage and kill the NPCs, and the player can kill the slimes. I now have something closer to a game than I had before. Here is the results of my first round of play:

I managed to corral 3 of the 8 NPCs that spawned so that none could get out and no Slimes could get in. The slimes got the others before I could save them.

It’s a bit of a pain to trap them though because they wander so aimlessly; it’s hard to know when to open the wall up for one to go inside. It was also a pain to get this shot because they kept going towards the camera and hiding behind the wall, when I was trying to get the screenshot. Camera-shy buggers.

Test Battle 1

All I really set up was collision detection between entities, and added a couple of responses. When an NPC collides with a monster, she reduces her hp and checks to see if she’s dead or not. When a monster collides with the player, the same thing happens. I set it up so that the monsters would die as soon as you touched them, but the NPCs could survive a bit of contact before they died.

I also set it up so that all 64 monsters and all 8 NPCs would spawn at once at the start, with no new spawns, so that I would have a challenge. I don’t want it to be this way in the final version, I just wanted to have a little fun. When I set the game back to having things spawn at a regular rate, you always have the chance to get all of the NPCs in your town, but it’s hard to corral them without the slimes getting in. The slime attacks are relentless; I’ll wind up turning the spawn rate waaaaay down so that I have a chance to breathe between attacks.

Next I want to be able to guide the NPCs to the town, and then upgrade them so that they can defend the town. This is the most important part of the town building section of the game – assigning classes to the NPCs.


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