Current Progress

I have put some time into the code for this game already, but so far it isn’t much. The last thing I was working on was lighting and time of day. Here are some related screenshots:

Before I added any proper lighting, I wanted to get a cloud layer in. Obviously the clouds shouldn’t be lit like that.

Here I combined two screenshots to show the difference in lighting between day and night.

I also have some video blogs about this project. I rewatch them to help myself get excited about working on the game again without having to pick up the gamepad. Feel free to check them out on my youtube channel.

I was so into doing graphics that I wound up forgetting the game itself and wound up getting lost. I took a break and spent some time doing other things. Now that I’m refocused, I should be able to start getting back into the project again. I’ll leave this post off with an older dev shot, but it’ll show a bit more.


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